1 Campaign to Rule Them All
Easiest Way to Win at Facebook Ads

1 Campaign to Rule Them All
The Easiest Way to Win At Facebook Ads

What We Know, The Strategy and Why It Works, Campaign Architecture, Creative Concepts, The Scientific Method & Increasing Efficiency

Best Practices to Get to 5Figures a Day - Only $97

  • Campaign Architecture

    1 Campaign per Business Objective, and a simple set of instructions to lay it out

  • The 3 Things We Know

    Data and Facebook Learning, the lowest cost targeting and Account Simplicity

  • The Strategy and Why It Works

    1 Campaign per Business Objective, actionable insights and Incrementality

  • Automated Rules Theory

    What rues we should use, at both the Ad and Campaign level

  • Creative Testing Strategy

    How to test ads, find winners, scale success and the process to repeat these results over and over again

  • Scale Results, by Increasing Efficiency

    How to improve performance and get more results, without having to spend more money!

  • Creative by Concept

    How to use Creative Concepts to deliver incrementally and stability while scaling with Facebook ads

  • Sample Automated Rules

    The Logic, Theory and Thresholds for 6 simple rules to start off with the best chance for success

Additional Facebook Disrupter E-Books

Don’t Fight The Beast

Facebook Best Practices 2021: Part 1

iOS14, oCPM, Account Simplicity, Most Important Metrics, The Learning Phase, Targeting with Creative & Priorititizing the User Experience

Stabilize and Scale Facebook with Ease - Only $97

How to Build a Winning Facebook Ad Account in 2021

Centralize Ad Spend, Dynamic Creative, Retargeting, Attribution, Post IDs, Testing, Avoid Short Wins, Investment Management & Simplicity

The Fundamentals for Success - Only $97

EcoSystem ROAS
How to Measure Your Way to Success

What is EcoSystem ROAS, Why Is It Important, Delayed Attribution, The Terminology & Formulas, What Does it Look Like, and How To Use It

Measuring Results to Scale - Only $97

How to Win With Simplicity
Control Campaigns

What is a Control Campaign, How to Build One, What are Control Ads & Audiences, How to Optimize & When to Use Cost Cap

Facebook Essential for Success - Only $97

One Step Beyond 1 Campaign
The Easiest Way to Scale Facebook Ads

The Landscape, Control Campaigns, Stacked LALs, Automated Rules, Retargeting Theory, DPA Ads, Upsells & Scaling

What to Do Next - Only $97

The Most Powerful Tool on Facebook:
Dynamic Creative

What is Dynamic Creative & How it Works, How To Build Dynamic Creative, Best Practices for Testing & Micro-Budget Strategy

A Cornerstone of Success - Only $97

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