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Don’t Fight The Beast: Part 2

Facebook Best Practices - Optimization

Optimizing Facebook Ad Accounts is one of the most vital disciplines any media buyer should understand. It’s also one of the most widely misunderstood tools in the tool belt.

The ins & outs of how the platform works - Only $97

iOS14, oCPM, Account Simplicity, Most Important Metrics, The Learning Phase, Targeting with Creative & Priorititizing the User Experience

Stabilize and Scale Facebook with Ease - Only $97

Centralize Ad Spend, Dynamic Creative, Retargeting, Attribution, Post IDs, Testing, Avoid Short Wins, Investment Management & Simplicity

The Fundamentals for Success - Only $97

EcoSystem ROAS
How to Measure Your Way to Success

What is EcoSystem ROAS, Why Is It Important, Delayed Attribution, The Terminology & Formulas, What Does it Look Like, and How To Use It

Measuring Results to Scale - Only $97

How to Win With Simplicity
Control Campaigns

What is a Control Campaign, How to Build One, What are Control Ads & Audiences, How to Optimize & When to Use Cost Cap

Facebook Essential for Success - Only $97

1 Campaign to Rule Them All
The Easiest Way to Win At Facebook Ads

What We Know, The Strategy and Why It Works, Campaign Architecture, Creative Concepts, The Scientific Method & Increasing Efficiency

Best Practices to Get to 5Figures a Day - Only $97

One Step Beyond 1 Campaign
The Easiest Way to Scale Facebook Ads

The Landscape, Control Campaigns, Stacked LALs, Automated Rules, Retargeting Theory, DPA Ads, Upsells & Scaling

What to Do Next - Only $97

The Most Powerful Tool on Facebook:
Dynamic Creative

What is Dynamic Creative & How it Works, How To Build Dynamic Creative, Best Practices for Testing & Micro-Budget Strategy

A Cornerstone of Success - Only $97